Kaylie Love Success Story

KaylieLove-200        I’d like to start by giving thanks to every individual who has made Arizona Career Pathways (ACP) what it is today.  I would also like to thank these individuals for blessing me with the opportunity to be a part of this program and provide me with many of the tools necessary for academic achievement. The success I have had in this program is a direct reflection of the program’s success, itself.

To begin, ACP has made the load of being a full-time Dental Hygiene student a million times lighter for me, by eliminating a great deal of financial stress.  ACP is an amazing foundation that has provided me with a support group to help me stay motivated throughout the demanding Dental Hygiene Program.  Kerrie,  ACP’s Director/Counselor is one of the most caring, outgoing people I have ever met.  She is so warm and welcoming and extremely easy to talk to!  In fact, after talking academics at Peer Support Group Meetings, we often find ourselves sharing recent restaurant or entertainment experiences with one another.  Peer Support Group Meetings are the perfect little discussions to help get me refreshed and ready to take on another segment of the Dental Hygiene Program.  I would like to, again, thank each and every individual who has helped mold ACP into such an amazing foundation, to help students in need of a little extra help here and there.  I would not have the academic success I do today without this amazing program!

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