5 Steps to Reaching Goals


Goals are important because that is how we get where we want to in life.  Without them, we end up with nothing.  So how do you set a goal? And what are the steps to go through?

First, you must decide what that goal is.  With this step, you need to be direct.  If you choose a goal that is too broad, you won’t know what steps are to help you achieve that goal.

For example:  If you want to be a nurse.  What kind of nurse do you want to be?  This may be where you want to do a little research.  Check out the kinds of nursing jobs available, what degree you will have to have, what the different kinds of nurses do, what are their average pay ranges.  How many hours do they work? Do they work in a doctors office, hospital, or another facility?  Do they deal with patients or are they considered management?  Pick something you would like to do.  After all a job is much more fun if you like what you are doing.

     Second, what steps do you need to reach your goal.  Becoming a nurse is a long-term goal, so what are some short-term goals that you can do that will help you reach this goal? This is where you might want to do some research to see what the goal entails.  Get information from schools where you can get your nursing degree, so you know what classes you need to take, how long it will take and how much it is going to cost.  Right now, you are just gathering information, so don’t worry about the how right now, just gather the information.  Once you have all the information, then list the steps to take.

  1. Get enrolled in school.
  2. Figure out how to pay for it.  (often the school can help you with this, but also look in the community to see if you can find programs that might help you pay for it.) AZ Career Pathways is a community program that helps people get out of poverty and who might not be able to attend school any other way.
  3. Sign up for the classes you need.  The school may have a preferred curriculum or you may have classes to choose from but get signed up.goal-setting-1955806_1920
  4. Get a part time job or a volunteer position where you might learn more about your occupation.  Doing while you are learning will help you retain information and give you experience for when you get out and are looking for a job. (just don’t overdo it.  You want to be able to finish school.  That is your priority.)
  5. Set up a schedule so you know when your classes are, when you are going to study, when you are going to sleep (this is very important, if you are going to learn) and last but not least you need some fun activities for relaxation.  By setting a schedule, you will be able to make sure that you get everything done and will have a more balanced, more rounded experience.

     Third, you need to re-evaluate every so often.  Whether it is when you feel like the schedule is out of control, maybe you aren’t getting all the homework done, or even going through between semesters or terms.  You have to review your goal to keep yourself motivated and headed towards to desired target.

     Fourth, Set, dates of when the goal is going to be achieved.  You can do this by figuring out when your course of study will be over, when individual semesters are completed.  Showing the dates of the accomplishments will help you see that you are getting to your goal.  This helps you to see that you are reaching it.  It will make you feel better when you can see that you are getting somewhere.

     Fifth, When, you reach small goals, give yourself credit.  If you pass a hard class, frame the test with the grade on it.  Keep a bulletin board with all your accomplishments on it.  Take yourself out for ice cream or dinner when you get through the semester.  You can find all kinds of things to award yourself for doing a good job.  That will make it easier to go on and complete the next step.

These steps will work on any goal you want to set.  Whether it is completing school, learning a craft, or losing weight.  Once you achieve one goal, set another one.  Most importantly have fun and get direction in your life.


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