Top 15 Reasons Why Education is Important!

I was reading this article about how important education is to us.  It is very interesting how much education influences our daily life and our society. Here are the top 15 reasons from the article as to why education is important.  You can also ready the entire article at

Top 15 Reasons Why Education is Important!

  1. Education means a happier life.
  2. Educated people are more enlightened than the others.
  3. Education opens opportunities.
  4. Education leads to Economic Prosperity
  5. Education has helped improve Heath Conditions.
  6. Education helps in innovating new things.
  7. Helps in increasing the level of knowledge and understanding.
  8. Helps in maintaining social harmony
  9. Helps in the preservation of art and culture.
  10. Education helps you in enhancing your confidence.
  11. Education makes living through the 21st century easier.
  12. Education helps in gaining emotional maturity.
  13. Education results in better decisions.
  14. Educated people can never be cheated upon.
  15. Education has helped in bettering the food quality.

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