Setting up your profile on LinkedIn



In the last blog, we talked about networking and how important that is for your career.  One of the best places for networking is to set up an account on


This is the perfect place to meet people in your chosen profession. It’s also a great place for students.  It will give you a great start in your career.  This is a place where you can resume-1000post your resume, and give other information about yourself.   It gives you the ability to link to others and build an online network.   You will find job recruiters who are looking to fill positions, people who are working in your profession and can help you answer questions and make other contacts.   You can also connect to new people who need to make connections and become a mentor to them as well.  It is also a great place to learn.  The members on LinkedIn can write articles that will give you information.  You can learn new things about your profession, get advice on insurance, setting up for retirement, writing a resume and how to network.  LinkedIn, is a great help to working individuals.

So, in order to get access to all this information, you must join linked in.  I have gathered information that will help you to set up an account, post your resume and find people to add to your network.  This is just the beginning.  Let’s get started.

Go to    icons8-linkedin-48 

A big box will pop up.  Put in your first and last name, email address and set up a password.

Click on join now.

The website should then walk you through setting up the profile and adding your information.  You will also see the steps below taken from the LinkedIn website that will help you fill out the information.

Step 1: Upload a professional photo

Step 2: Add your Industry and Location

Step 3: Customize your LinkedIn URL- remove the numbers at the end of the URL

Step 4: Write a summary

Step 5: Describe your experience

Step 6: Add 5 Skills or more

Step 7: List your education

Step 8: Connect with 50+ contacts

Step 9: Turn ON “Let recruiters know you’re open”

Linked in also has a lot of articles that will help you in building your profile.  Be sure to use them.

When building a profile, you want to make it look as professional as possible.  You will want a professional headshot so that they see your best side.  You will need a snappy headline that shows a bit of your personality and then be sure to include work information, certificates that show your achievements and accomplishments.

To increase visibility, you will want to have people recommend your work.  Get people who you have worked for before so that they know what you can do.  It also helps to write articles about things you know. writing-1209121_1920 Writing about your knowledge will show others what you can do as well as get your information out there.  Make sure that as you change jobs, achieve new things, you include them in your profile.  This helps you make connections with mentors and recruiters who may help you get new jobs and increase your knowledge as well as achieving career goals.


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