Referral Letters

skills-3371153_1920Referral letters are letters from others to tell what you do, how well you do it and why you would be a good employee. They should include: work experience, skills, expertise, personal qualities, and/or academic performance.  There are 3 types of referral letters. Professional, Academic, and Personal.

The Professional letter is written by someone you have worked with, a manager, coworker, or possibly a client that is familiar with your work and can tell how good you are.  The Academic letter will come from teachers, or professors with whom you worked.  These are people you worked with in school who can tell how you did as a student.  The third letter is a Personal letter.  This can come from a friend or co-worker, maybe a neighbor.  The personal letter will give information about your character and stability. 

So, each type of letter includes different things.  The Professional letter, since it is written by someone at your job, should include your professional work.  You wantwoman-2773007_1920 someone who will be able to talk about your abilities, qualifications for the job and the accomplishments you have made within the company.  They should include a description of your job, your responsibilities and how long you have been with the company.  You want to pick someone who will give you a positive reference.  Choose a manager who is familiar with and likes your work.  Co-workers are alright if they can give you a positive reference, beware of picking friends.  They may like you as a friend, but may not be positive about your work.  Don’t get offended if someone declines writing a letter.  It is important to have a positive letter that will help you get the job.  Client letters are alright if you choose clients who are thrilled about something you have done.

board-2449726_1920The Academic letter will show what you did in school, the things you learned.  Its great if they can show your abilities to plan, organize, your hard work.  Also, use professors or teachers where you have worked with them on internships or studies outside the classroom. 

The Personal letter should be a good character reference.  That is why friends and neighbors can write this letter.  They should explain how they know you.  This letter should explain how the personal attributes you have will work in the employment setting.

Referral letters are used when applying for jobs, volunteer positions, colleges, graduate school programs and internships.  It should show what qualifies you for the job and why school-4279290_1920they should select you.  When you apply to organizations or schools, they may request them.  When you apply for employment, you can offer a reference letter on your resume, or in the interview.

For others:

If you are writing a letter for someone else, there are things that need to be included in the letter.  The letter should always be in a formal format.  Use easy to read type and normal size letters.  If you want more information on what to include, this is a great site to get all the details:

There are also a lot of places online to get templates that will help you write a letter. Some of these are listed below.  You also may want to get copies of the persons resume or a list of their accomplishments.  The most important thing to remember is to keep the letter positive and show the person in a good light. If you can’t write a positive letter, don’t write it.












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