How to Find a Job


So, you have a college education, now you need a job.  A successful job search is important to getting a job.  But,

                                       Where do you start?      


There are several things you need to do before you start.

These things will help you see where your personal assets are and get you a little organized.

First of all, make a list of all of your accomplishments. Just brainstorm.  Include things clipboard-accomplishments (1)you did in college, places you have volunteered for, the jobs you have had in these places.  You want to include things like; president of your clubs, clubs you were a part of and anything you did in these clubs. face-brainstormAdd things that you were in charge of, assisting other volunteers, teaching someone how to do something.  This shows leadership and the ability to get things done.  List all education.  College, extra-curricular things you have learned and after college classes you have taken.  You want to include things you are great at.  Even things like having a green thumb, hobbies, and things you like to do can be included.

offer employerSecond go over your list and figure out what you have to offer an employer and why they should hire you.  Make a list of things you have to offer your employer. employers

Third, make a list of the places you want to work.  This can include small doctors or dental offices, large hospitals, large corporations.  Dream big.  You may not start your first job there, but you will be amazed at where the list can take you. Make a list of companies you would like to work for.  Research what these companies do and figure out how they fit into their employment qualifications.

Last, Figure out your salary requirements.  Go over what salaries are for your experience salary (1)and education.  Remember, you can’t start at the top, but know what you can expect. This is important, so you don’t take too little and know what you can ask for.  You may be able to ask for a little more, depending on your additional accomplishments. This will let you negotiate the right salary.

After making your lists there are some other things you need to know about looking for a job.  Clean up your social media.  Remember, everything you post on social media is mobile-phone-1917737_1920there for everyone to see FOREVER.  Stop posting questionable material.  Don’t get too political.  Politics are a personal decision and even though you should stand up for what you believe in, you don’t want to get into it with people on Facebook and Instagram or other places.  Companies look at the internet as part of background checks and some stupid post that only meant something at the time, could ruin ability to get your dream job.

When looking for a job you want to use your network of friends, professors and co-workers to get that job. You will have better success getting your dream job by men-1979261_1920networking and meeting people face to face. Also, don’t apply for every job in your field.  Show good judgement and apply only for the jobs you are qualified for. It’s a waste of your time and the employers time to apply for jobs you don’t qualify for. You don’t want to burn bridges by wasting time.  It is better to start with the job you can do now, get education and experience to get the job you dream of.

Now you are ready to start on your resume and cover letter.  Go back to the lists you have made in the first section.  You want to build a general resume that includes your resume-1education, job experience, volunteer experience, and anything else that shows your ability to get things done, leadership or other skills.  Also include things that show your accomplishments, like how you improved sales by 20%.  Increased donations by 15% or other things that show what you have done.  You want to do the same thing with your cover letter.  Keep in mind with both of these that you will change them to fit each job that you apply for.  The resume and cover letter you submit needs to show how you will be able to do the job they are hiring for. You want to include about 10 years of job experience.  Now if you are just starting, you may not have 10 years, so include what you have.  Also, if you work 1 job for 12 years, it doesn’t look great to have only one job on your list, so you might want to include more.  For one thing, you want to show what you have done in your career as well.

With, your resume written, Where do you go to find jobs?

Again, you are going to use your network of friends and contacts.  If you don’t have a networking groupsnetwork, you should build one.  A place is to go to meet up groups for your kind of job.  These are groups that help people get ideas on how to learn about their jobs and get more information, but you are also meeting people who are already in the field.  They work for companies who will be hiring. Also use professors from college who can help you with finding a job, co-workers and friends who might know someone who is hiring or works in your field. This is networking.

You can also use job boards and search engines to help you find employers who are hiring.

What is the difference between a job board and a search engine?

Job boards typically include positions posted by employers, while job search engines are a collection of job listings from job boards and company websites.” ( )

Balance careers also has a list of the best websites to find jobs.  Keep in mind the kind of job you are looking for.  Some types of jobs may only post on certain websites, so find the one who works best for your job.

Here is the list of the “10 best places to find jobs“:

  2. CareerBuilder.comjob-boards
  3. Dice is the leading site for tech job seekers 
  5. Google for Jobs

** “Career coaches recommend spending no more than 10% of your job searching time online. Devote the rest of your time to generating leads, networking, researching companies, and meeting people face to face.

Now, You have all of the information you need to look for a job.  Get to work.



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