10 Ways to Survive Quarantine

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1. Get up out of bed and get dressed.  stretching-75x

       Makes you more productive

       Decreases depression and anxiety

       How to get out of bed when you don’t want to 

2. Stick to a routineroutine

       A routine is critical for your mental health

       Reduce stress levels

       Helps you cope and survive change

3. If you are working or going to school from home


Set ground rules

       Have a separate area to work and study.

4. Get out and get some exercise.

    (walking around the block or a building, hiking, jogging, bicycle)bicycle-161524_1280

        Helps Anxiety

        Helps depression

        Increases Concentration and Memory

        Why and how to do it

5. Do something creativearts-155495_1280

       (Art, crafts, sewing, needlepoint, woodworking, painting)

        Improves health

        Elevates mood, increases immune health

6. Learn something newreading-297450_640

       Fights boredom, increases brain power,

ability to adapt to change better

        Reduces stress, gain confidence

7. Turn off the Television and listen to musicMusic

        Benefits of music

        Reduces stress, lessons anxiety

         Improves cognition

8. Eat healthyhealthy food

        What you eat affects how you feel

        How junk food affects mental health

        Worst Foods

9. Read a book.

(Choose something fun or uplifting, makes you feel good.)girl-160170_1280

        Good for mental health

        Strengthens your brain, reduces stress

10. Be kind to yourself         

(no judgement if you have a bad day. Psychologically quarantine is hard)

         How to take care of yourself


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