What is a CNA?

Have you ever thought about being a CNA?  Do you know what it takes to be one?

Here is some helpful information to help you.

Unlike other nursing positions, to be a CNA you don’t have to have a college degree.

What you do need is a certificate or diploma from a CNA program.

What CNA’S do:

provide direct patient care in nursing homes, hospital long-term care wards or community rehabilitation.


take vital signs,

assist residents to move about the facility

helping them manage their meal trays

use bathroom facilities

turning bedridden patients

offering emotional support

taking blood pressure

putting on compression stockings

giving a partial bed bath.


high school diploma or GED

Nursing Assistant training program

Programs are found at

Community colleges

Trade schools

Medical facilities

*Make sure your program is approved by the state’s nursing board and the National League for Nursing Accredited Commission (NLNAC).

Arizona Requirements

Certificate information

Requirements to be a CNA

Complete a board-approved program or apply for a waiver based on other healthcare training

An Arizona CNA must take the Certified Nursing Assistant Examination

A fingerprint-based background check will be required.

Wages for a CNA in Arizona is between $27K and $38K


Registered Nursing.org

Nursing Licensure.org



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