Finding a job in 2021

Times have changed.  Life has changed.  Finding a job has changed.

Times have changed. Life has changed. Finding a job has changed.

How do you find a job in 2021?

Of course there are the normal ways like using job search sites, Linked in and other networking sites.  Knowing how to use these sites, will help you in finding a job.

Forbes has a lot of information about how to use LinkedIn and how to use key words in your resume to get job interview.  I won’t cover that here since they do a great job of explaining that.


What I would like to talk about here is ways that are different in locating jobs in 2021.

Make a Plan

Set aside the time to look for employment. 

This is something important and needs to be given the right amount of time to get it done.  Planning the days and times you will spend looking for a job puts it in as a priority.  In your life.  If you have a family and are trying to schedule it in around work, taking care of children, fixing meals etc., you might need some help.  Get the help of friends and family to take care of some of these things so that you can concentrate on your job search.

Make a schedule 

Sit down and decide what steps to take in looking for a job.  Do you need to redo your resume?  Do you need to spend time searching on job boards?  Which job boards are best for your type of job?  Certain jobs often post jobs on specific job boards.  Know where to locate the type of jobs you are looking for.

Set a time 

Decide how much time you can spend each day.   Decide what you will do during that time to accomplish what you need to do. i.e. build resume, search job boards, research companies.

Maricopa County has places to get help with writing a resume or getting help with interviewing.  One of our partners Arizona at work has a list of classes and events that they hold to help you. 

Arizona @ Work

Today in 2021 looking for a job has changed a lot.  Here are some ways to find employment in 2021.


   Sometimes education can help you in getting better jobs with better pay and benefits.  There are many 2 year degrees that will give you the education you need to get a decent paying job.  Degrees in nursing, medical assisting, dental assisting, medical imaging and computers will give you the knowledge you need to get a decent paying job.


One way to get your foot in the door is to have job related experience.  This can be done through internships, volunteer work and shadowing someone who has the job you want.


Today it is important to get to know people in the area where you want to work.  This can be done through researching the companies you would like to work for.  Locate them on sites like LinkedIn where you can get to know people who work there and may be able to give you information about the company. Join professional groups in your area of expertise. Also keeping in contact with classmates or people you meet while doing your training can help.




Job Fairs

Job fairs are a good place to get in touch with potential employers.  I have noticed that there are many companies doing virtual job fairs.  This gives you the opportunity to get online and see what the company is all about. 

Company Websites 

Banner Health

Honor Health

Dignity Health

Mayo Clinic


Valleywise health

Job Boards

Nursing job sites:

Tech  Job sites:

X-ray technician:



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