The Season for Giving

     During the Christmas Season out thoughts turn to others.  We are all in the mood to give to others.  Our love, our time, our money.   We spend our time looking for the best gift for loved ones. We give gifts of clothing, food, and toys for children.  We are all in the mood for helping and giving to others.  As we finish one year and start a new one, let us not forget the joy of giving. 


     Arizona Career Pathways is a local non-profit organization that concentrates on helping low income families get the education needed to raise them out of poverty and help them to support their families.  We partner with several local organizations; Maricopa County Community Colleges District and Valley Interfaith Project to reach this goal.  We focus on 2 year degrees that will give students a decent starting wage.  These degrees include Nursing, X-ray technicians, Phlebotomy, Dental Assisting and Computer Technology just to name a few.  Our part is to help with things not covered by financial aid.  We pay for classes that might not be covered, fees for certifications, gas money and other things to help students to meet that goal of finishing their degree and supporting their families.

Helping Others

     It is a new year.  Tax season is upon us, and Arizona Career pathways is a qualified charitable organization which makes your donation to us, tax deductible.  Donations can be taken off your taxes up until March 15th.  Your donation to us will help us support more students, helping them to be able to take care of their families themselves.  By helping families increase their income, it also helps our community with increased economic activity which helps other businesses in the area.  Lowers the need for public assistance and increases the annual tax revenue.

     Help us help them by donating on our website today.

Arizona Career Pathways

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