It’s Not Too Late

It’s Time for New Year’s Resolutions.


January is a time for new beginnings.  It makes us think about our lives, what we want out of life and where we want to go in the future.

The big problem with setting resolutions is that most of us keep up the resolution for a few weeks and then we forget about the resolution, and we are back to our same old habits.

These days, however, there are a few different variations that may help with actually keeping the resolution.

The same old way

make a list of resolutions like, lose weight, get more exercise, eat healthier, etc.

The problem:

Most people have high expectations.  They make firm goals that they won’t be able to keep long term and they fall by the wayside after a few weeks. 

A Vision Board

These are kind of fun.  You get poster board, magazines or print out pictures off the internet. You pick out all the things that you want to have out of life.  Pick out pictures that show what you want out of life.  A new job, a new home, places you want to travel, personal growth, spiritual growth, social growth, health goals. The thought process behind vision boards is that once you have made the vision board, it is in your subconscious, and you will achieve those things subconsciously.

This is actually a great way to plan for the new year. Subconsciously we continue to work on the things from the vision board, and somehow things work out.

Pick a Word

This is kind of an interesting way to make a resolution.  You pick a word for the year.  Something that expresses where you want to go in life. This one word can guide you through smaller goals and desires throughout the year.  It also is more flexible for making changes throughout the year.

Example: Pick the word respect

Respect for yourself.  You can make goals to take better care of yourself.  Eat healthier, exercise, get the rest you need, keep doctor appointments to keep yourself healthy.  This doesn’t have to be a strict goal but can change throughout the year.  So you can start out with eating healthier and going to doctor to take care of yourself.  After that has become a habit, then you can choose your next thing.

Respect for others.  This can mean being kinder to others, help others, allow others the chance to be themselves.  Be considerate of their thoughts and ideas.

With 2022 ahead of us.  You should pick a way to start the new year in a way that will give you a new beginning.   

If your goal this year is to be able to get a better job and support your family, give us a call.

Arizona Career Pathways

Chris Payne, MS – Career Counselor

C: 480-621-0051

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